Ebony House -c - Phoenix AZ 85003

650 North 6th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85003
(602) 252-4205(602) 252-4205

Ebony House Inc. is a well known and respected Arizona real estate agent and he specializes in the Phoenix area. This company is known for providing excellent property management services to their clients. The office staff at this company knows the ins and outs of the Phoenix and Maricopa County markets and they are always ready to assist you with your needs. This company is known for being an outstanding property management and financial service that has been in business for decades.

The real estate agent has years of experience dealing with the Phoenix and Maricopa County markets and his experience and professionalism has made him a very popular and sought after agent. The Phoenix, Arizona real estate market is considered to be one of the best areas in the country for real estate investing and this is due to the many different properties available. These properties include condominiums, single family homes, mobile homes, vacant land, apartments, duplexes, and townhouses. This Arizona company has one of the most reliable teams of property managers available on the market. Their team of financial services include tax preparers, accountants, attorney, and mortgage processors.

The agent at Ebony House Inc. can help you find the right property for your investment needs in the Phoenix and Maricopa County area. They have their own team of tax preparers who can help you through any tax issues you may have. The financial service they provide includes managing the accounts of your loan and finding ways to pay it off as fast as possible. They also offer tax preparation services and they can work with you on any of your tax questions. The company also provides assistance on a number of other services including mortgage refinancing and finding the right real estate lawyer. This company is one of the best property management companies in the Phoenix area and this has been the case since the early days of the business.

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