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2305 Old County Road Pocahontas AR 72455

“Family Therapy of Eastern Arkansas” located at 910 Old County Road Pahokee Arkansas offers a variety of treatment programs to individuals and families suffering from mental health issues such as substance abuse. Located in Pahokee Arkansas the Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program is an accredited private treatment center for people of all ages who suffer from mental illness or drug addictions. As a member of the Family Services Association of Arkansas the Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment for individuals and families in need. In addition the Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program works diligently to provide quality affordable and comprehensive treatment programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and families.

“FAMilies Inc. with its twelve locations is amongst the nation’s top-ranked private treatment centers for substance abuse treatment. Accredited through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs they are proud to offer their invaluable family services to individuals and families in the Pahokee area. The programs offered include residential treatment outpatient treatment addiction recovery support family counseling therapeutic parenting programs marriage and family therapy and individual psychotherapy. This family-based program uses an integrated approach to treating family members as well as family members and friends of substance abusers.

The Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program is committed to providing high quality affordable and comprehensive substance abuse treatment. They employ a variety of effective approaches to treating substance abuse including community family and individual-based services. The Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program also provides a wide range of therapeutic and non-therapeutic programs and supports an individual’s right to choose the type of care and support he or she needs. to recover from substance abuse. The Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program has an entire team of certified therapists and counselors who will work closely with individuals and families to develop an individualized treatment plan for each individual. In addition the Family Therapy in Eastern Arkansas Program also provides a number of continuing education activities to ensure clients maintain their certification.

2560 Old County Road Pocahontas AR 72455 0.66 km
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