Family Guidance Center - Montgomery AL 36116

2358 Fairlane Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116
(334) 270-4100(334) 270-4100

The Family Guidance Center provides support to the family, the children and the adults in their lives. It was established to provide the needed guidance for families who are struggling with issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse. This center offers services for those who have had a family member or adult come forward with information about sexual abuse, domestic violence or child abuse. There are also support groups that are designed for adults who have been victims of such crimes.

The counselors who work at the Family Guidance Center deal with all issues that relate to the abuse. These include issues relating to child abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. These issues include issues that can be handled in a confidential setting that focuses on the safety of the children. Counselors at the center are fully trained and certified to assist those who are looking for help. They can assist those who have been victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or even sexual exploitation.

Many professional counselors provide counseling sessions for parents and family members who have come forward with information about child abuse, child sexual abuse, or other crime related issues. At the Family Guidance Center, the counselors and therapists will work with you to find the best treatment that is right for your family. Once you have completed a counseling session, you can attend a group therapy session for individuals, couples and families. If you have been a victim of a crime, you can come to the center and seek out the information that is needed to begin healing from your trauma. Your counselor will be able to answer your questions and guide you through your recovery process.

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