Family Life Center - Scottsboro AL 35768

211 South Market Street Scottsboro AL 35768

Family Services is a division of the Office of Vital Statistics (OVS). The evolution of the Old colony Family Service Center (FLCS) is based on the original conception of the Old Colonies Youth Council (OCYC) Youth Development Organization. The establishment of the Family Service Center, which is a unique transitional living facility for 13 single parent families living in the City of Bantam, is in partnership with the City of Bantam’s Old Colonies YMCA. The Family Service Center is designed to provide a safe environment for single parent families who are experiencing housing challenges and are struggling to maintain a stable life while maintaining their children’s emotional and physical safety.\n\n \n\nThe goal of this transitional living service center is to ensure the children are properly fed, have a healthy home life, receive regular education from qualified teachers, and engage in recreational activities within the City of Old Colony. In addition, the Family Service Center offers a variety of onsite activities designed to assist single parents to successfully transition to new lives. At the Family Service Center, students engage in hands on activities such as arts and crafts, computer studies, and other educational opportunities that allow parents to connect with each other and with their children. Other activities at the Family Service Center include art classes, computer tutoring, and computer games. Family Service Center residents can also take part in recreational activities such as tennis, softball, and basketball. Families who attend the Family Service Center are provided access to activities that range from fitness and nutrition counseling to recreation and physical therapy to after school activities.\n\n \n\nThe services offered by the Family Service Center are coordinated with other agencies that promote the development and well being of all residents, including children, teens, and adults. The Family Service Center utilizes a unique Community Outreach Program that is tailored to meet the needs of the various communities it serves. The Family Service Center also provides a number of services to residents such as housing referral, educational assistance, employment assistance, financial assistance, drug abuse support, legal assistance, community referrals, and health care information and referral.

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