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“Desert Island Drug Rehab” is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Desert Cove Rehabilitation Center is a treatment facility accredited by the state of Arizona State Board of Medical Examiners and licensed by The Arizona State Department of Health.” During the admission process, a registered nurse (RN) evaluates the mental and physical needs of the individuals to determine what type of treatment they need. From there, a qualified addiction specialist (ASI) will be consulted who will give the individual his or her drug of choice.

From the Desert Cove Rehabilitation Center, patients are transferred to their outpatient treatment program. Patients who are receiving a drug detox treatment can return to their outpatient center when they are no longer under medical supervision. This is called discharge from detox. Withdrawal from alcohol and drug detox treatments can be painful and complicated for those who experience it. When a patient is able to leave detox, he or she should receive individual and group counseling as well as some type of vocational training, such as drug treatment administration or social work. As a condition of his or her release from detox, a patient must agree not to engage in alcohol or drug-related activities for at least three years.

From the Desert Cove Rehab, patients are taken to an alcohol/drug addiction center. In these centers, addicts can attend one-on-one sessions to discuss treatment options, including family therapy, relapse prevention and relapse intervention and the like. These programs are monitored by an Addiction Specialist (AS). In some cases, patients can complete a one-week residential stay at one of these addiction centers, followed by up to five one-day visits at an outpatient center, depending on the severity of their addiction. Some patients may be placed in a medically supervised inpatient drug rehab. If the patient completes a full-time detox and rehab program, then he or she is ready to enter the outpatient phase of recovery. At this point, they can resume their everyday activities and take part in recreational activities.

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