Fellowship House Inc - Birmingham AL 35205

1625 12th Ave S Birmingham AL 35205

The Fellowship House Inc. is a popular resort in Palm Beach County Florida. This resort was created by Jack and Beverly Fisher who purchased the former site of the Dolphin Club. Their vision was to turn the Dolphin Club into a luxury resort with the use of their extensive knowledge of the Palm Beach real estate. After purchasing the Dolphin Club they invested millions of dollars in renovations and added thousands of square feet of retail space five thousand square feet of office space and four restaurants to accommodate the needs of their customers. Because of the massive investment in the property they are a very popular resort for those wanting to enjoy a quality stay during Palm Beach County vacations.

James Berry Fisher was born in St. Louis Missouri and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri Columbia. He worked in several areas of the United States and eventually opened his own real estate development company with the help of his brother. He became a realtor for the first time when his brother-in-law needed a buyer for a real estate property. Berry began working on the Dolphin House project as a consultant and he became a partner of the company. He has been a long-time supporter of the Palm Beach County Tourism Authority and has made multiple contributions to many civic and educational organizations in the area.

In 1980 he was named a member of the Palm Beach County Commission. As a member of the Palm Beach County Commission Berry serves as the chairperson of the Board of Supervisors and also acts as a commissioner. His main duties are to serve as a liaison between the Palm Beach County tourism authority and the county government. Because of his commitment and involvement in local politics the commission has become an integral part of the Palm Beach County tourism system. He is a member of the Citizens Planning and Appeals board and sits on the board of directors of the Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being a great business owner he is also well known for his philanthropic activities and his willingness to donate money to the community.

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