Food Distribution Center - Sober Living Inc. Little Rock AR 72204

4201 John Barrow Rd Little Rock AR 72204
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The Food Distribution Center – Sober Living is located at 13th Avenue North Little Rock AR. Sober Living operates out of the same building that houses the Sober Living Center and the Sturgis Motor Lodge both of which are located downtown. Sober Living is one of the largest drug treatment centers in the country and it is also one of the largest in Arkansas. Drug treatment is Sober Living’s primary focus although they also offer residential treatment for their clients as well. Sober Living has been cited by various media outlets and other non-profits as one of the best treatment centers for alcoholics in the area.

The Food Distribution Center – Sober Living is known to have a long-standing relationship with the State Department of Corrections (DOC) and its mission is to provide treatment to alcoholics while keeping them away from the correctional facility. Sober Living is licensed by the DOC to provide both residential and outpatient treatment for its clients. Sober Living offers treatment programs such as Individual and Family Counseling Alcoholic Residential Treatment and Outpatient Drug Treatment. In addition to residential treatment Sober Living provides outpatient treatment programs as well.

As the name suggests the Sober Living Food Distribution Center – Sober Living is located at a high rise and some of the clients who receive treatment at the center have moved into apartments on the ground floor of the building. This is a great help to them because they can go straight to work or school instead of having to commute from an apartment to an outpatient treatment center. Sober Living has also worked with some of the area colleges in conjunction with their alcohol rehabilitation programs. The staff at Sober Living also works closely with the local fire department police ambulance service and community safety personnel. To get a free online tour of Sober Living visit the Sober Living website and click on the link called “FREE Tours”.

4201 John Barrow Rd Little Rock AR 72204 0 km
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