Franklin Primary Health Center Inc - Mobile AL 36610

510 South Wilson Avenue Mobile AL 36610

Dr. James Alexander Dean, III, M.D., the Director of Development and Research of Franklin Primary Health Center in Mobile, Alabama has a very special place in his heart for addicts and alcoholics. He was a former addict himself, who at one time spent years trying to quit drugs and alcohol. Dr. Alexander Dean is an addiction specialist and has served as an Addiction Specialist at many different health care facilities, and has seen some amazing successes with drug and alcohol addiction treatment. He says that he believes, “The best drug addiction treatment facilities are the ones that care about their patients”, and that the best care is available at Franklin Primary. Franklin Primary is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing addiction treatment services to those in the Mobile community.\n\n \n\nDr. Alexander, is the CEO and Founder of the non-profit organization, and Franklin Primary is its name. As the CEO and founder of this organization, Dr. Dean works hard at helping others recover from their addictions and alcohol or drug addictions. He also works hard to educate people in the community about addiction, and how to prevent addicts from turning to drugs and alcohol. He is also committed to educating people and families about substance abuse prevention, and the best way to get them through the difficult times when they think about losing their addiction.\n\n \n\nIn his position as an addiction specialist, Dr. Alexander works closely with other health professionals, government officials, the law enforcement community, educators, and others who may be able to help those in the community in recovery. Dr. Dean is also committed to finding effective treatment alternatives for those who choose to go through the traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment options, including group therapy and individual counseling. His main focus is working with the addict to get him or her through the hard times, while helping them to achieve and maintain sobriety. Dr. Alexander also works hard to promote positive relationships within the community to help keep the addict off the streets and help them to remain sober.

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