Gates Diana M S - Casa Grande AZ 85122

950 North Arizola Road Casa Grande AZ 85122
(520) 381-3822(520) 381-3822

Gates Diana S Casa Grande, AZ is a beautiful ranch that sits on the banks of the Rio Grande. It was built in 1930 by Diana S Gates and her husband John, who had a long history of ranching in the American Southwest. The ranch is open for anyone who lives in the area to enjoy and offers an escape from the daily grinds of life.

John and Diana founded the Gate Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting education and learning in the U.S. In 2020, the Gates Foundation awarded Arizona State University with two grants to help pay for a new building. Construction is almost complete on the new building and it will be named the Diana S Casa Grande Campus. The campus is set to include classrooms, dormitories, athletic facilities, and many other academic facilities. It is expected to eventually serve more than 50 students, but this is a start. The plan is to expand the campus to include a new building, dining facility, and an athletic field. All of these facilities will allow for students to study in comfort and with pride.

There are currently seven javelin sports offered on campus. The athletic field is located on the west side of the campus. This includes tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and track and field. The basketball court will be an extension of the tennis courts and will feature bleachers and a basketball wall. There will also be volleyball courts in the north and south of the sports complex.

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