Glenwood Inc - Birmingham AL 35242

150 Glenwood Lane Birmingham AL 35242

The Glenwood Inc. was established in 1974 with the intent of developing a highly productive manufacturing plant that would offer jobs and an excellent living to all residents of New Jersey. They purchased land, put up structures, constructed equipment and began to build a factory that is one of the largest in the state. The first floor included manufacturing rooms for the assembly of furniture, home furnishing and electronic parts for computers. The second floor had assembly rooms that specialized in furniture, electronics and appliances. The third floor was dedicated solely to office space. All employees were trained and certified and were given their own uniforms as well as equipment such as radios, fax machines, faxes, printers, fax paper and more.

The Glenwood Inc. was successful at attracting top quality employees to work for them and they quickly grew into a multi-state corporation. It was in this very competitive environment that a large number of people found themselves in need of legal advice from an attorney. In order to attract and retain employees, the company provided good benefits including free health care, retirement plans, employee discounts on products, and a great work atmosphere. When the economy hit rock bottom, the company’s credit rating was damaged as well. To recover, Glenwood Inc. started to expand its business activities by purchasing other companies that manufactured industrial supplies and goods. This company became the now well-known GFI (Glenwood Industries Group).

The company has continued to grow and succeed. They are now involved in the manufacture of thousands of different products and have become one of the most prolific companies in the United States. They have made it their mission to provide high quality products to their clients, and pay very good wages to their employees. Their goal is to provide a quality product, low prices, good customer service, and employment opportunities to all of its workers and contractors.

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