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The most recent Goldsteine of Rabbi Rafael Goldstein-Rabbi of Phoenix AZ is the “Youth” book by Rabbi Gilad Kariv. In this book, the author describes what he calls as “the Rabbi’s Search for a Home”. He gives us the story of the young boy who was abused as a child and his parents, the trauma that they suffered, the pain that the child went through as well as the anguish that they both went through in trying to find a way out of their predicament. He shows us how the children of the Jewish community have been subjected to so much abuse in recent years. What they were experiencing was something that was new to the Jewish world, and what was happening in Jewish institutions, was not something that was discussed in those institutions or even acknowledged in those Jewish institutions. This story is very moving and as a result, the book has received great reviews from the Jewish community.

The book was released in 2020 by the publisher Russell Luvovich. The publisher did a good job of organizing the content into chapters and the book flows as one would expect from a Rabbi’s Search for a Home. Rabbi Rafael has been described as a “one of a kind” by many people who have read the book. He is also recognized as being one of the most creative Rabbis on the planet. The book is filled with ideas and stories about his journey from childhood abuse to an individual who is living with the pain, but also with hope. I found myself smiling and laughing at the same time, when reading the stories of these people. It was very healing.

If you want to know more about Rabbi Rafael in Phoenix AZ you can go online and find out more information about this talented writer and his work. I highly recommend that you get the book; it is filled with stories about abuse in Jewish communities and also in other institutions as well. You will be glad you did.


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