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In recent years the field of drug rehab has experienced a significant increase in both number and types of people who are seeking help with their drug addictions. Drug rehab is usually the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive drugs such as amphetamines, prescription drugs, marijuana, and cocaine. In addition to helping those who suffer from drug addiction, drug rehab can also benefit people who don’t have a drug addiction but simply want help to stop using drugs. For example, people suffering from alcohol or drug abuse can sometimes benefit from drug rehab and may even be able to overcome their addictions on their own.

There are many different types of drug rehab programs, depending on how the individual or their loved one uses drugs and the severity of the addict’s addiction. Drug rehab is typically done through either residential treatment or outpatient therapy. If your loved one is in need of residential drug rehab treatment, the most common type of rehab program used is residential treatment.

The goal of a residential drug rehab program is to help an addict and their loved one get their lives back on track and to be completely free from the addictive substances. In many cases, residential drug rehab programs also include intensive behavioral therapies. These treatments are designed to provide the person with the skills to learn and use healthier coping mechanisms in order to live a drug-free lifestyle. Drug rehab may also include therapy sessions that focus on cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, and individual psychotherapy. In addition to these treatments, there are also numerous medications that can be prescribed for those who require it for help with their addictions.

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