Harbor House Inc - Fort Smith AR 72901

3900 Armour Drive Fort Smith AR 72901

Harbor House is an organization that offers services such as home repairs and construction of houses schools hospitals and businesses. As a large organization that serves the community and meets and serves hundreds of people every day they have a wide range of jobs available to them that are in the hospitality industry.

As a part of the company Harbour House Inc in Fort Smith AR is a real estate agency that works to build repair and sell homes. The corporation operates as a division of the H&R Foundation. The H&R Foundation was founded in 1990. They work with both local and state government entities on projects. One of the projects that they work on is the Fort Smith Regional Housing Authority. They also work with many churches and other community organizations to provide housing opportunities for the needy and low income families.

To get information about a job that may be available with the company a person should contact the office of their local H&R Foundation branch. In Fort Smith the headquarters of the H&R Foundation is located at the Fort Smith Conference Center. They also maintain an office in Springdale AR. A person who has a high school diploma or an equivalent degree may apply for the positions that they are looking for with Harbour House Inc.

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