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Mr. Michael H. was diagnosed with cancer in his neck in the middle of April. He told me his doctor that it didn’t look good. He said that his lymph nodes looked swollen and he could barely swallow. He also said that his neck looked stiff and that he felt pressure in his chest. His doctor asked him to go to the radiation oncologist for tests and they confirmed that it was cancer.

The doctor recommended him to go to LCSW and Mr. Michael LCSW in Tempe AZ was ready. He wanted to be at LCSW where the doctors and scientists are very educated about cancer, and about radiation. But what I learned was that there is not much you can do for your body once it has been diagnosed with cancer. It is a fact of life. Mr. Michael has received chemotherapy and radiation therapy and his health is very poor at the moment.

Harmon Michael is a friend of mine and I wish him the best. He will need all the prayers he can get and if you can help him get through this I am sure that you will be very much appreciated. I have a friend who is on a waiting list to be treated at LCSW. She has a very strong family support system and it seems to be working very well. I know that her family is very concerned about her health and if they have donated some money or taken the time to volunteer at a local church I am sure her family has done whatever possible to try to help her with her situation. If you want to donate your time to a cancer patient then I urge you to do so immediately. The more time we have to give our patients the care they need the better chance we have of them coming out of this life completely healthy.

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