Haven Behavioral Hospital of Phoenix - Phoenix AZ 85007

1201 South 7th Avenue Suite 200 Phoenix AZ 85007

Haven Behavioral Hospital Of Phoenix is something quite different from other hospitals that offer mental health services. It is just one thing to declare your commitment to innovative protocols and inclusive programs. But it is quite another to show that commitment in action as Haven Behavioral is already doing in Phoenix Arizona. Diversity and inclusion are major focuses for hospitals says its CEO Nicholas Porter. “We believe everyone deserves the dignity and care of a skilled compassionate care team” says Porter.

The Hospital has established a number of programs in Phoenix that are geared to offer a wide range of services to the diverse population in the area. Programs like – “Mental Health First Aid” “Health Education: Healthy Minds” “Elderly Home Care” “Crisis Line” “Family and Community Education” among others are just some of the offerings that they have provided. This shows their commitment to serve all who walk into the doors. The hospital also has an extensive program in collaboration with various agencies that aim at ensuring the well being of its community and the well being of their families. These include – The Phoenix Alliance Against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (PAASA) Phoenix Housing Authority (PHHA) Family Violence Prevention Services (FFPS) Phoenix Police Department Phoenix County Juvenile Court Phoenix County Public Defender Association and many other organizations.

Haven Behavioral has a long-standing relationship with Phoenix Metropolitan Inc. and their Pima County Office of Public Health. The partnership allows for a seamless transfer of patients between the two entities without any interruption of care. This ensures a high quality of service for residents of the area. And for those patients who need to see outside the hospital they have a dedicated and experienced team of professional counselors and therapists who are available to meet with them whenever they may need assistance.

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