Health Connect America - Florence AL 35630

614 South Court Street Florence AL 35630

Health Connect America, formerly known as the National Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment, is a drug and alcohol rehab facility located at 614 South Court Street, Florence, Alabama (AL) (population 6,611). The facility’s website is accessible from many search engines. All relevant information was collected from the SAMHSA Drug and Alcohol Treatment Locator website. According to the SAMHSA site, Health Connect offers a wide range of treatment services for individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Health Connect serves people in all stages of recovery including detoxification, long term treatment, and outpatient care. This facility accepts adults (aged 18 and up), teens (aged 13-17) and families. In addition, Health Connect is able to offer assistance to substance abusers and those who have experienced domestic abuse.\n\n \n\nHealth Connect’s outpatient program consists of 12 sessions of detoxification followed by six months of inpatient care, depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction. Detox is a process in which an individual’s body’s detoxification system is cleansed and the user cleanses his/her mind. This helps detoxify the body to remove the drug or alcohol from it and also allows the person to learn new coping skills. Detox may also involve a medical examination to rule out any health concerns before proceeding with the detoxification sessions. For example, a medical exam will be done to check for drug or alcohol use in the child. If there is a positive result then the family may choose to continue the detoxification therapy.\n\n \n\nOn-site clinical services include individual counseling, group therapy, family counseling and family education. A combination of these services is offered by Health Connect to provide a complete treatment program for all types of substance abuse problems. After completion of the detoxification therapy and after completing the 12-month inpatient treatment, most of the people at Health Connect are able to resume their normal daily activities. Most people at Health Connect receive continuing medical supervision, but this is not required. The facility’s staff is committed to helping all its clients recover from addiction and staying committed to the highest quality of treatment possible.

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