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Healthy Futures was developed by two Alaska parents that were very concerned with the well being of Alaska’s youth. The program has evolved over the years to become the signature program of the Alaska State Sports Hall of Fame where the focus is to empower all Alaska youth to build that habit of physical activity in their daily lives. In its first year the program helped more children walk than ever before and was instrumental in many kids not becoming obese. Healthy Futures provides many physical activities for children ranging from swimming to skiing.

Programs at Healthy Futures include lessons on nutrition fitness and exercise. They also teach kids how to cook healthy meals and introduce them to foods that they don’t normally eat. There are also workshops on building healthy relationships with family and friends. This includes learning about body image the importance of good communication and even leadership. Other activities that the program offers include trips to nature parks and other outdoor venues.

As the program matures Healthy Futures hopes to take the program to new heights in its ability to provide healthy futures for future generations in Alaska and across the country. As a member of the Alaska State Sports Hall of Fame Healthy Futures has become an important part of this effort. Each child is given a plaque upon completion of a specific goal and the program is often held at local schools or community centers. Healthy Futures is now providing its services online as well. To learn more about the program visit their website or contact the program at any time.

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