Highland Health Systems - Heflin AL 36264

2488 Highway 46 Heflin AL 36264

Highland Health Systems is a facility that is located in a small town in Anniston, Alabama. This is a small community, about thirty miles outside of Birmingham. Highland is a hospital that serves the town of Anniston and surrounding areas, including Baldwin and Daphne. In addition, it serves the counties of Shelby, Blount and Calhoun as well as surrounding communities.\n\n \n\nMany employees of Highland Health Systems are happy with the job they have. Most of the employees like working in a small town, and they enjoy being able to interact with the people of the town, which is very different than other hospitals. However, the work environment can sometimes be very difficult when low numbers occur. There is a very high turnover rate, and many employees complain about the “backtracking” that happens when they are told that it is incorrect.\n\n \n\nThe main complaint that employees of Highland Health Systems make is that the medical staff does not seem to care if the patients are getting the best treatment possible. This type of behavior will get you into trouble in most situations, and it will not happen with Highland. The people that work there know that they need to treat patients with dignity and care, and that is what they seem to be doing. They are making sure that everyone is getting proper medical attention and that there are adequate supplies available for those who are sick.

1640 Coleman Road Oxford AL 36203 21.86 km
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1640 Coleman Rd Oxford AL 36203 21.86 km
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If you are interested in getting a system that can provide you with the best quality care possible, then Highland Health Systems might be the right option for you. They have been around for […]
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Highland Health System was established in July 1967 by the Board of Consolidated Governments of Colorado. The board’s first task was to establish an Executive Director, to be named as […]
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