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614 Pelham Road South Jacksonville AL 36265

Highland Health System was established in July 1967 by the Board of Consolidated Governments of Colorado. The board’s first task was to establish an Executive Director, to be named as the Superintendent of Schools. The board found it necessary to get financial backing from local authorities, which they obtained through taxes, but the funding came at a cost. The state government would need to be reimbursed and the Board of Consolidated Government would pay the teacher’s salaries until a facility was established. As soon as a facility was built, the schools would pay off the loans and the State would then reimburse the State Board of Education for that cost.\n\n \n\nAs part of the agreement, Highland Health System agreed to provide all kinds of treatment to its patients. This includes psychiatric care, drug addiction treatment, mental health services, rehabilitation care, emergency room treatment and inpatient treatment, and many other types of specialized services. As time passed, the board expanded its facilities. Today the system provides services in thirty-two communities, each with its own set of services. It has three hospitals: two are in Denver and one is in Golden, Colorado. The Denver hospital is the largest and serves several thousand patients on an outpatient basis.\n\n \n\nToday, Highland Health System employs approximately twelve thousand employees. All employees are trained to work in a compassionate and caring environment. The company is committed to treating all its patients with respect and dignity and providing them with the best possible care and treatment. Because of this commitment, there are numerous satisfied customers who have given their business to the organization for many years.

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