Highland Health Systems - Oxford AL 36203

1640 Coleman Road Oxford AL 36203

Highland Health System, Inc. (HFSH), is a nonprofit organization, a member of The Blue Cross of Wisconsin’s Medicaid Managed Care Group. As of the end of 2001, it ran two health care facilities: one at 7th Street Promenade in Madison, Wisconsin, and another at 6th Street Promenade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This health care agency serves more than 5th Street in both areas. A large part of their services include outpatient care, but they also provide inpatient care for patients that require it. Some of the major areas of focus are chronic care management, cardiovascular rehabilitation, gynecological health care, and care of the elderly. In addition, they also provide treatment services for substance abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, stroke, and many other diseases.\n\n \n\nBecause of their focus on quality and patient satisfaction levels, they have been cited as a leader in the health care field. They have won the Better Business Bureau’s top rating award for being an accredited agency. According to one survey, they ranked first among other state and federal health care agencies for providing quality care at affordable prices to their clients. As part of their commitment to providing quality care and services, they also provide training for their employees, in order to help them make better decisions and more efficient work processes.\n\n \n\nAlthough the costs of care at this facility for low income families and seniors is higher than the national average, they are still able to offer affordable services. This is thanks to their focus on providing safe, clean, and welcoming environments. All of their staff undergo background checks before they begin working at the facility. They also conduct regular audits to monitor their performance and adjust their staffing levels if need be. In addition, they have created a number of employee incentives programs, including a “Share the Savings” program that allows a portion of each member’s service charge to be donated to charity.

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