Hope Cottage - Flagstaff AZ 86004

2211 E Johnson Ave Flagstaff Arizona 86004
(928) 774-9270(928) 774-9270

The Hope Cottage is located in the Dallas Arts District. The community which is home to the Heritage Foundation is at the intersection of Florence and Texas Streets. The area is a haven for the artistically inclined who are looking to buy or rent a residence in one of the most historic areas of the city. The Arts District is the perfect place to own a home and be close to the heart of the city. The buildings and structures as well as the residents are old while the houses and shops look brand new. This is due to the fact that many of the buildings in the area have been torn down while others are being renovated as part of the Heritage Foundation’s ongoing project to restore the area around the historic river.

The Hope Cottage is going to build a family services and an office space in the corner of Florence and Texas Streets. There are currently two different buildings under construction. One building is a two story structure that is going to include a one bedroom apartment. The other building a townhouse on the second floor will be a two bedroom two bathroom unit. The Hope Cottage hopes to make all of their spaces appealing to the buyer. The second floor townhouse will include a living room with a dining room on the first floor. A study space is also in the second floor townhouse but it is not yet known what other types of amenities it will offer including an in-home gym sauna and hot tub.

The Hope Cottage is trying to be one of the more creative communities in the Dallas area. The architecture as well as the interior design will reflect a traditional country feeling. While this is the case the goal is not to create a residential community that is designed to look old and quaint but rather an eclectic mix of architectural styles and materials. In addition to the townhouses there are also a number of single-family homes duplexes and townhouses that will be built or renovated. This is part of the plan to revitalize the Arts District.

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