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4040 Independence Drive Huntsville AL 35816

Addiction Treatment Center in Huntsville Alabama is located at 4040 Independence Drive in Huntsville. Admission to this program is open to all people struggling from alcohol addiction, pregnant women, addicts and people suffering from multiple addictions to opiates. This facility provides a residential treatment that combines residential treatment for alcoholics and substance abusers with outpatient treatment. The center offers services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the patient. At the center, admission is based on an individualized assessment and individual needs.\n\n \n\nIn addition to residential or outpatient treatment, Huntsville Recover is proud to provide a variety of specialty programs including the Addiction Recovery Program, which is one of the longest running and most successful treatment centers in the state of Alabama. This program is designed to address many of the behavioral and psychological aspects of addiction, including family issues. Addiction Recovery Program is focused on developing a complete recovery plan to end substance abuse and to help the addict regain control of their life. Addiction Recovery Program also provides training for the public to improve public policy to prevent and reduce the problem of substance abuse.\n\n \n\nAs the home of the Addiction Recovery Program, this treatment facility is located in an attractive area that is accessible by the I-65 and I-35. The center provides an environment conducive to treatment through its individualized approach. Residents attend classes that teach them about their particular addiction, such as alcohol and substance abuse treatment. They also have the opportunity to interact with the addiction recovery professionals. In addition, residents can pursue an education or career training through a program offered by a local college. Huntsville Recover offers programs that are customized to meet the unique needs of the client and their families.

4040 Independence Dr NW Huntsville AL 35816 0 km
Huntsville Recovery Inc. is a company that offers services for the recovery of victims from a variety of sexual abuses. The services offered are geared towards helping the victim especially […]
4812 Commercial Drive Huntsville AL 35816 0.72 km
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600 Saint Clair Avenue Building 9 Suite 23 Huntsville AL 35801 4.21 km
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701 Andrew Jackson Way NE suite a, Huntsville, AL 35801 4.77 km
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101 Sivley SW Road Huntsville AL 35801 4.84 km
The Huntsville Hospital is one of the largest hospital in Alabama. It is located in the city of Huntsville and is served by a number of public schools, nursing homes, and private hospitals. […]
2227 Drake Avenue Suite 19 Huntsville AL 35805 4.99 km
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2227 Drake Ave SW Suite 19 Huntsville AL 35805 4.99 km
The Huntsville Metro Treatment Center is one of several treatment options in Huntsville Alabama that helps people overcome drug abuse addictions and mental disorders. The facility was establ[…]
3911 Triana Boulevard SW Suite A Huntsville AL 35805 5.15 km
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Building 4100 Goss Road Huntsville AL 35898 5.48 km
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810 Shoney Dr SW #120th, Huntsville, AL 35801 5.74 km
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220 Providence Main Street NW Suite 200 Huntsville AL 35806 5.97 km
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3322 S Memorial Pkwy Huntsville AL 35801 6.07 km
Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for more than 30 years. The name itself is derived from the phrase An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a non-pr[…]
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