John 3:17 Ministry Newport AR 72112

431 Hwy 145 S Newport AR 72112

“John 3:16 Ministry – A Faith-Based Christian Recovery Residential Center in Newport Arkansas.” “John 3 is a faith based residential community for people who have committed themselves to recovering from their addictions and becoming productive members of society” (from the official website). “The residents of the John 3 Recovery Residential Community live among members and fellow members of The Remmer Church and participate in regular worship and activities. They are taught to love and respect others as they are taught to love themselves.

“We provide a comfortable nurturing environment where women come who have decided to overcome addictions become productive loving members of society and make lifelong commitments. Our residents will have the chance to attend and participate in all of The Remmer’s ministries which include bible studies social events bible study classes youth and family programs and Sunday school.” “For over 20 years we have been teaching women how to be self-sufficient giving them the tools to get ahead in their families in their careers in their communities and with their lives.” “We are committed to building a community for all the people of God including those in recovery. We work toward achieving our purpose of reaching out to our residents to create a supportive and healthy environment.”

“We work hard to instill in our residents the principles of a loving God. He is a God of promises and never guarantees anything. He says that He will not give you everything you want but only His Spirit will guide you throughout your journey.” “We also work hard to keep our residents motivated by the love and support of our resident’s parents. and the fellowship of our resident’s families.”

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