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Drug addiction is very treatable. Various interventions, such as comprehensive education, treatment programs and anti-drug campaigns aimed at families, schools and communities are all effective in reducing the prevalence of drug abuse. In some countries, a strict social code has been established, imposing penalties for drug possession in the public view. This law is widely used in most of the developing countries, where alcohol and tobacco are the two most popular drugs.

There are various treatments available in the market. These include medication which help in giving a faster response to the addict’s craving for the drug, as well as giving him a stronger sense of euphoria. But, the use of this drug can come with side effects like drowsiness and vomiting. Apart from that, this kind of therapy is not without cost. Moreover, there are also psychosocial interventions and other treatment modalities. These are more expensive but can have good results. Moreover, a combination of all the above is generally considered a good way of treating an addiction, especially when it comes to heroin addiction.

There are many forms of medication used for drug treatment. These include anti-narcotics like methadone, buprenorphine and Suboxone. Apart from that, there are benzodiazepines, which can be used to control anxiety, seizures, and hypertension. Also, many anti-depressants like trazodone can be used for this purpose. Other forms of medications are used for treating insomnia and anxiety disorders, as well as for treating cancer. These medications are usually taken after the drug addiction treatment program. These medications are generally very expensive.

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