Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center - Dothan AL 36301

700 East Cottonwood Road Dothan AL 36301

Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health center is a specialty center of Acute Psychiatry and specialized outpatient treatment services for teens and young adults ages twelve to twenty-four. The center provides specialized care, guidance and treatment to all adolescent and teen patients with diverse disorders and in varying stages of development. This facility is also a full-service treatment facility with a full range of treatment options for behavioral and psychological conditions. Some of the available treatment programs include ADHD, GID, alcohol, drug and bipolar disorders, as well as some other unique disorders.\n\n \n\nTreatment Options at Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health center are based on an individualized and comprehensive assessment of the individual and his or her family. The treatment center provides treatment for both adult and pediatric patients. Most of the treatment program focuses on the social and emotional problems of patients and their families. The treatment program helps the patients learn to manage and cope with their emotional symptoms effectively, and it is also aimed at reducing the emotional and behavioral problems related to their condition. Most of the adult treatment program concentrates on the areas of family therapy, psychotherapy, and group therapies.\n\n \n\nThe treatment program is designed to meet the needs of the patients and their families by treating their disorder at various stages of development, thereby preventing the disorder from progressing. Treatment program also ensures that the patients are able to adjust to treatment and achieve long term recovery. Many of the treatment centers provide special services to special populations like the HIV patients and teenagers with GID. Treatment programs also consist of individual and group counseling, self-help activities, as well as group support. Individual counseling at Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health center is offered by professional counselors who are specially trained in dealing with the issues and concerns of adolescent and teen patients. Group counseling is available for teens and patients, but it is not mandatory. In addition, the patients can also make use of family therapy sessions at the treatment center for family therapy, as well as group therapy.

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