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Levin Michael is a family man that loves his wife and children very much. He loves spending time with them and takes care of them all. One day, he decides that he is tired of the same old routine and decides to take a different path. He decides that he wants to go to a city called Phoenix, Arizona and live in an RV. This new location makes him very excited and happy and he decides to go and get married to a beautiful woman named Shana. In addition to this he also plans on starting a business in Phoenix, Arizona.

After planning the wedding for six months, he finally gets married to Lillian at the church of Lindenfeld. At this church, everyone is very supportive and they give him everything that he needs for the wedding. In addition to this, he also plans to have an open bar in the wedding and also has two cars. As a result, he plans on drinking every night of the wedding. Unfortunately, Lillian has never been to Phoenix before and cannot understand the way things are in the city. Because of this, he is having a difficult time finding out what she thinks of him.

The first few days of the wedding are really not that special, but one day he takes her on a picnic outside of Lindenfeld and she is very impressed. It doesn’t take long for him to win her over and he soon falls in love with her. However, during their honeymoon in Phoenix, he is very happy about it because he is going to start a family. Unfortunately, he has only been married for less than three months, so he isn’t really sure if he will be able to raise a family in the city. Fortunately, one of his friends gives him some advice about raising a family in this city. With this advice, he makes it easier for him to have a great family in Phoenix, Arizona.

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