Lifewell Behavioral Wellness - Phoenix AZ 85012

40 East Mitchell Drive Suites 100 and 200 Phoenix AZ 85012

The Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Center is located in Rockford Michigan. They have been a leading provider of behavioral health care services for more than forty years. Their goal is to give patients the best care possible and their goal is achieved by using the most modern technology in their facilities. The main facility of the company is the Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Center in Rockford. This facility is considered to be one of the leading programs in the country. This facility provides individual family and group counseling and group therapy sessions to clients who suffer from a range of different disorders.

One of the main purposes of the Lifewell program is to improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from depression and other mental disorders. They use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate the behavior of clients and to provide effective treatment through the use of group therapy sessions and individual counseling. When looking for a good behavioral health care provider make sure you do research and find one that offers a high level of compassion. It should also be a clinic that you will feel comfortable with. This is because the staff is trained and committed to helping clients overcome the many challenges they face. This is what sets them apart from the other behavioral health care providers. If you are looking for a good center that gives great care and attention to their clients the Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Center is one of your best options.

The Lifewell program offers a variety of different services. They offer individual counseling for those who suffer from anxiety panic disorders post traumatic stress substance abuse and other mental illnesses. In addition to counseling they also offer group therapy sessions. The clients are screened and evaluated to determine the need for one-on-one treatment and group therapy. After a thorough evaluation they then begin an individualized treatment plan which includes medications and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients overcome the challenges that come with their disorders.


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