Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County Inc - Alexander City AL 35010

36 Franklin Street Alexander City AL 35010

The Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County is an old structure located on Tallapoosa River, which was built in the early nineteen twenties. It is a historic landmark and there is a lot of history that surrounds this building. The Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County has a wonderful view of the river and the city of Tallapoosa. There is a lighthouse keeper at the lighthouse, who will give you information about what is going on at the lighthouse. If you plan to stay at this historic location then it is a must for you to pay a visit to the Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County.\n\n \n\nThe lighthouse of Tallapoosa County is built on a hill that is surrounded by a fence. You can also view the Tallapoosa Creek from the lighthouse. You can see the bridge that leads into the city of Tallapoosa. This is one of the best places to visit Tallapoosa. The view of the city and the Tallapoosa Creek is beautiful. There are many interesting things to do in Tallapoosa that you can do while you are visiting the Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County Inc.\n\n \n\nYou can walk down the bridge which leads to Tallapoosa Bay. This place is very beautiful and you can see the many different animals that are on land. You can see the seals and other animals that swim in the water. There are a lot of animals that make their homes around this area. The Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County Inc also has a history center which is an exhibit that tells the history of this area. There are many people that come to this place to see the history.

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