Luthern Social M-istry of the Southwest - Tucson AZ 85713

802 East 46th Street Tucson AZ 85713
(520) 622-3553(520) 622-3553

The Luthern Social Ministry of the Southwest in Tucson AZ has been helping their residents get through difficult times for generations. They have helped thousands of people who have been struggling with a wide range of issues like drug abuse, domestic violence, and other problems that they have come across throughout their ministry service. These problems are not the fault of God, but instead are the result of someone’s lifestyle choices and the choices of the people around them that the individual is living with.

The Luthern mission is to bring a new start to the lives of those who are hurting and need a place to turn for healing and hope. They will work with their clients on a one on one basis to help them overcome the pain, trauma, and even the shame and humiliation that can be associated with these issues. They will also be able to offer information on healthy living practices to help their client overcome the pressures of their lives. One example of this would be that they will help an individual with a drug or alcohol addiction by giving them information about what they can do to help themselves while at home, at work, and even at school. They will also help their client get through any financial issues that they may be facing as well. Their goal is to empower their client with the knowledge that the only true way to end their problems is with God.

The Luthern ministry is based in Tucson, Arizona and will continue to have a presence throughout the state. They offer a variety of services and programs that they provide to their clientele. This includes employment and job search support, health and medical issues, family and relationship counseling, and even help with divorce. They will even help their clients with financial matters, including retirement planning. The services of this ministry are all free of charge because they want to help their community in as many ways as possible. In many areas, they are considered to be an agency of the government because of the assistance that they provide to their clients. The ministries of the Southwest in Tucson AZ serve to help and empower their communities by bringing hope and healing to those who need it.

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