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Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a standard medical and clinical assessment recommended in some cases by a medical and clinical staff. IOP may also be recommended for persons who don’t need medically supervised detox. Intensive outpatient treatment is a medical treatment program designed to treat the illness symptoms and other underlying causes of a specific disorder. In this case the patient is given medications and other supportive services as well as a comprehensive plan of treatment which include medical mental health spiritual nutritional and psychological treatments. The objective of IOP is to treat the patient and the illness and to make the person comfortable enough to function in the community and at work. This can include both residential and outpatient treatments.

There are many mental health and social service agencies that offer outpatient programs for people with a variety of mental disorders. If you or someone you know has a mental illness such as schizophrenia bipolar disorder depression anxiety post traumatic stress disorder schizophrenia psychosis or any other mental disorder you may qualify for an out patient treatment program. The goal of an outpatient treatment program is to provide individuals with a comprehensive program of treatment for their mental illness. Outpatient programs generally include individual family group and group therapy along with individual and group counseling. These services can be combined and are usually coordinated by mental health professionals. Inpatient treatment is usually provided in specialized treatment centers that have doctors nurses and psychiatrists on staff. An individual may need inpatient treatment for a few months to a year while he or she undergoes treatment for a mental illness.

Many people choose to stay at home with their families and friends during an out patient treatment process for their mental illness. Out patient treatment may last from three to twelve weeks and during this time they will attend counseling sessions as well as receive medication and therapy. Depending on the severity of your mental illness and your need you may even require additional medical treatment including prescription medications and cognitive behavioral therapy. Most mental health and substance abuse treatment centers offer both outpatient and inpatient treatment options.


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