Marion County Treatment Center - Hamilton AL 35570

1879 Military Street South Hamilton AL 35570

Marion County Treatment Center was set up to assist those in need with drug and alcohol addiction and it does so by offering a number of different services to those in need. People can make use of medical, psychological, nutritional, and educational services to help them overcome their addictions. These services are provided at the center itself or by referral from other medical facilities. The staff at Marion County Treatment Center offers individualized care through a non-medical, holistic approach utilizing multiple, multi-disciplinary teams of experts.\n\n \n\nIn addition to offering various types of services, the staff at the Marion County Treatment Center has many years of experience working with people who have either been diagnosed with an addiction or have been battling addictions for years. This experience allows them to offer an effective program that meets the needs of their clients and also offers them the option to get back into a life of recovery with a minimal amount of time on their own. The staff is comprised of medical and psychiatric professionals that have extensive training in treating mental illnesses and substance abuse. There are some behavioral therapists on staff as well, which are trained to help individuals overcome the withdrawal symptoms they may experience from drug or alcohol addiction and help them overcome addictions over the long haul. Counselors are also available to offer additional counseling as needed.\n\n \n\nThe staff at the Marion County Treatment Center understands that they are providing a service for people who are struggling and this is why they strive to offer each client the best possible care, as well as personal attention. Their goal is to keep the client comfortable and relaxed, while providing them with the tools to successfully conquer their addiction and become healthier and more productive members of society. Because drug and alcohol addiction has a negative impact on both family and friends, the staff at the Marion County Treatment Center makes it a point to stay in close contact with each client so that they are aware of what is going on and if necessary, can provide support. This is something that has been proven through the success of this facility over the years.

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