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Drug rehab centers help individuals recover from drug abuse disorders. There are many types of drug rehabilitation centers. Some focus on providing drug rehabilitation services for a particular drug addiction; while others provide a wider variety of services to a large number of clients. The most common drugs that are treated in these facilities are alcohol, nicotine, heroin, methamphetamines and cocaine. Treatment of an individual with an addiction to any of the above substances includes individual or group counseling on ways to maintain sobriety. Drug rehabilitation centers also help individuals to develop new coping skills in order to avoid relapse and minimize the likelihood of future drug abuse. These programs also help the recovering addict learn how to deal with social situations and the everyday pressures and stresses that may accompany drug abuse.

Drug rehabilitation programs can also provide assistance with medical and mental health issues that may be linked to drug abuse. This is especially important for individuals who suffer from conditions such as depression and schizophrenia. In addition, drug rehab and rehabilitation centers also provide services to those recovering from an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that has a long-term negative effect on the body. A good drug rehab center will not only offer medications and therapy that will help those suffering from alcohol dependency, but also will provide other mental health services such as counseling and support groups.

Treatment of an individual with an addiction to any of the above substances requires that a patient undergo thorough screening and evaluation before being placed in a rehab program. Each client should be evaluated individually to determine whether there is a possibility of further drug abuse in the future. After the assessment, the patient should undergo treatment. This includes intensive therapy combined with individual and group counseling.

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