Maverick House - Phoenix AZ 85021

1142 West Hatcher Road Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 943-5564(602) 943-5564

If you are looking for a home in Arizona then one of the homes that you should really look at is the Maverick House in Phoenix AZ. The house has a very classic look to it and is a place that will be very comfortable and inviting to anyone who visits the house. It is located on the south side of town and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping. If you are looking for a house in a location that will always have great people around then this house is definitely one that you should consider.

There are two stories in the house and one is finished and the other is being built right now. In the building of the first story, they decided to add an extra room on the top floor for use as an office. The rooms that are being constructed are going to be used as office space. You will be able to choose between an executive office or a work space that you can use every day during the day to help you get your work done. As you can imagine, the bedrooms in the house are also going to be nice and cozy. There is even a guest bedroom that you can use if you plan on staying here when you visit family and friends.

The cost of the house is a bit on the higher end because it is on the west side of town and therefore it does not have access to many of the great schools that are located on the east side of town. The west side of town tends to have better employment opportunities so this could be a factor in the price that you pay for the house. However, if you want to live in a house that is close to everything that you need and want then you should definitely look at the Maverick House in Phoenix AZ. You will be able to enjoy all the amenities that are found in a town such as Phoenix and at a price that is reasonable.

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