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Wickenburg Arizona is known for its unique culture and amazing natural beauty. The City of Wickenberg offers an exciting lifestyle for its residents and offers a wide variety of activities for those who choose to live here. One of the many things that attract people to this community are the many local mental health services that it offers. There are many different mental health services that you can receive in this city and it is important to know what services they offer before choosing one. The following are the main mental health services offered in Wickenberg:

The Meadows of Wickenberg. The Meadows of Wickenberg mental health program was created to give people suffering from mental illnesses a safe loving environment to recover and grow. Staff at this facility will provide compassionate individualized care by providing individualized treatment in a therapeutic atmosphere. The main goal of this facility is to give people with mental illnesses a chance to get well and stay well so that they can lead a productive and fulfilling life. The staff at this facility will offer a wide variety of treatment plans including individual group and couple programs. Most residents at the Meadows of Wickenberg are on supervised probation after a highly structured and individualized program.

The City of Wickenberg’s Mental Health Services can be reached 24 hours a day at (928) 442-6100. If you are looking for help in the community you can find it at The Meadows of Wickenberg. It is important to understand that you do not have to suffer alone because the Mental Health Services at The Meadows of Wickenberg will work with you to give you the support you need. The services include counseling therapy education home and community services and employment and training assistance. When you go to the Meadows of Wickenberg for any of these types of assistance it is important to understand that you are the only one responsible for your own recovery. You need to take responsibility for your life and your actions. Do not rely on a professional counselor or therapist to solve your problems or help you find hope.

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