MedMark Treatment Centers - Newton AL 36352

9283 U.S. Highway 84 West Newton AL 36352

“MedMark Treatment Centers are dedicated to helping individuals with chronic and addiction-related disorders overcome the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, Medmark Treatment Centers can assist. Medmark offers outpatient drug-assisted therapy with either methadone or Suboxone supported by structured care or individual support groups.” “We’re here to help when the time comes,” says Dr. Robert A. Davidson, Director of MedMark’s Addiction Treatment Programs and Service.”\n\n \n\n”This addiction treatment programs and service center are known for its ability to provide high-quality treatments to addicted patients,” said Barbara Hurd, CEO and President of Medmark. “The center prides itself on the commitment and dedication of each of its members. Our addiction treatment programs are focused on providing an alternative to traditional addiction treatment and relapse prevention.” Medmark treatment programs focus on treating symptoms and addressing the root causes of addiction.\n\n \n\nIn addition to addiction treatment, Medmark also offers several other services to patients suffering from substance abuse. Medmark has a 24-hour helpline staffed by trained medical professionals who will respond immediately to the needs of addicts and families in crisis. Medmark’s recovery programs are designed to increase self-awareness, personal responsibility and positive changes in an addict’s life.

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