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1307 East Elm Street Athens AL 35611

MHCNCA Inc., a New Jersey Corporation, is a publicly traded company with its headquarters in New York City. It is the largest privately held manufacturer of heavy trucks in the U.S., with manufacturing facilities throughout the country. The Company’s core business is providing heavy truck components and parts to other companies. MHCNCA has three divisions: Truck Parts, Fleet Management and Commercial Vehicle Service and Sales. All divisions of MHCNCA are traded on over the counter market.\n\n \n\nWhen you want a quality product and dependable service, you need trucks. MHCNA makes the most advanced, technologically advanced trucks for a wide variety of different applications. Truck parts and trucks for the fleet management industry, such as buses and pickups, make up a significant portion of MHCNA trucks. MHCNA trucks are designed for the needs of today’s trucking industry, so they can work reliably, reliably. MHCNA trucks are designed with the utmost in safety and are used for a variety of different purposes. From the large to the small; there is a truck out there for you, that will meet your needs. MHCNA trucks provide dependability in trucks for any type of use.\n\n \n\nIf you want heavy trucks for your fleet, MHCNA trucks are sure to meet your needs. You can find trucks for all types of vehicles. There are trucks that are designed specifically for fleet vehicles, or trucks that are designed for the delivery of heavy items on a regular basis. From small storage and transportation vans to heavy duty pickups and deliveries, MHCNA trucks are sure to meet your needs for the heavy-duty vehicle of tomorrow. MHCNA offers the latest technology, and a wide variety of options, that are sure to meet your fleet needs. Whether you need a heavy-duty pickup for your personal or commercial fleet, you can count on MHCNA trucks to fulfill your needs.

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