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Drug addiction is a complex disease that is characterized by persistent drug use despite negative health consequences. It has been estimated that in the United States up to eighty million people suffer from this type of addiction. Drug addiction treatment is often a complex and individualized process for those individuals who have a strong desire to recover from this disease. The treatment process usually starts with detoxification of the body from the drugs used; then the patient is treated with the medication for their addiction; and after that the patient is taught a healthy and constructive life that can be achieved through self-help or group therapy.

For most drug addicts there is a period of time during which the drug use does not cause any harmful physical effects but then the addiction sets in and they have cravings for more drugs which then becomes a form of stress relief and they do it again. This is why some people are never able to quit the habit even if they have been under medical supervision. Drug addiction is a serious condition that can have serious implications on an addict’s life. The process of drug addiction treatment involves identifying and dealing with the underlying causes of the addiction and creating a program of actions to overcome the drug addiction. The treatment plan of the treatment center or rehab center will generally depend on the type of addiction and the extent to which the drug user has become involved in the drug problem.

The most common form of drug treatment is called residential drug treatment which is usually provided in a private residential treatment center for the duration of the patient’s addiction. The residential drug treatment is especially effective for drug abusers because it addresses the root causes of the problem and helps the drug addict in becoming aware of the consequences of his or her behavior. The outpatient treatment program is more common among drug abusers and involves a group therapy group counseling sessions individual therapy sessions and individual supervision by a trained professional. The residential programs are usually very effective because they are tailor-made according to the needs of the drug abuser and their families. The rehabilitation programs usually involve the use of both psychological and pharmacological approaches to cure the patient. The results of these programs are extremely positive and the patient tends to improve in all aspects of his or her life.

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