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The Emily House is an innovative new Emergency Shelter for families that are experiencing homelessness in Louisiana. The Emily House has proven itself in a tough economy that is putting many families and their children into a life on the streets. In April of this year Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge proudly opened the doors of The Emily House an innovative emergency shelter serving the most pressing needs of homeless families in Acadiana. The emergency shelter was designed to help families that have been displaced due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Families have been displaced from homes in which flooding occurred and were left with nowhere else to go.

Families who have faced such adversity are finding that staying in shelters and other temporary environments are extremely difficult. They need assistance in finding permanent homes to live in that offer both safety and the support that will help them make a transition back to their everyday lives. The mission of the Emily House is to provide families with the stability and support they need to make a change in their lives. While staying in an emergency shelter can be difficult for many families they are able to find the resources that they need to become free to return home to their families and lives.

The emergency shelters in Louisiana are housed in private apartments or houses that are owned by the Catholic Charities in Baton Rouge. Many of these families have lost everything they have worked so hard for to gain. The Emily House provides the needed assistance in housing homeless families in Baton Rouge for up to thirty days. The facility provides access to food bedding and personal hygiene products that families can use while they are in the facility until the next family arrives.

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Drug rehab centers help individuals recover from drug abuse disorders. There are various types of drug rehabilitation centers available today. Some of the rehabilitation centers specialize i[…]
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Drug rehab is basically the treatment of psychological or physical dependency on addictive, psychoactive substances like alcohol, street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, and p[…]
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Inpatient mental health services is a program that provides an individual with a therapeutic environment one that can help a person overcome the issues that have been plaguing them. These pr[…]
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What are the best ways to find drug rehab centers in your local area? First and foremost, you need to check with the State Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (or the State’s Department of[…]
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Psychiatric Associates of Northern Arizona in Prescott AZ offers many different services to their patients, many of which include alcohol, drug and substance abuse therapy, psychotherapy, oc[…]
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Drug Rehab is the medical and psychotherapeutic method of treatment for addiction to psychoactive substance such as alcohol, painkillers, street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin or amph[…]
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Prescott Valley Outpatient Clinic offers a wide range of medical treatments for the patients who are having chronic ailments. It is a specialized clinic that provides quality treatment for t[…]
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Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey Offers A Full-Crop of Treatment Substance abuse disorders significantly impact not only the individual but also the family. Family therapy offers education fo[…]
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A very important aspect of drug rehabilitation is education. Although the addicts themselves may know a lot about the addiction, they usually have little understanding of how it affects othe[…]
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Individuals who find themselves hooked on drugs can benefit from drug rehabilitation and detox. Many people become addicted to substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth, and heroi[…]
8603 East Eastridge Road Prescott Valley AZ 86314 1.8 km
Drug rehab is the process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive substances like alcohol, street drugs like cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine, and synthetic[…]
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Mental Health is the extent of psychological health or absence of any mental disorder. It’s the state of a person who is “acting at a satisfactory level of psychological and/or b[…]
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The Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare – Prescott Valley Arizona provides a variety of treatment options for those suffering from mental disorders and emotional stress. This transi[…]
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Drug rehab and detox programs help individuals to overcome substance abuse disorders. There are various types of drug rehabilitation facilities available. Some provide a comprehensive range […]
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Mental Health is a state of psychological well being or an absence of psychiatric illness. It is the mental condition of an individual who is “performing at a satisfying level of behav[…]
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The mission of West Winds Addiction Counseling is to assist individuals with their drug and alcohol addiction by helping them overcome the negative influences, the destructive patterns and t[…]
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A Vision For You in Prescott Valley AZ is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs for those who need it. “A Vision […]
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