Montgomery Area MH Authority - Montgomery AL 36109

3948 Beth Manor Drive Montgomery AL 36109

The Montgomery Area MH Authority provides for various educational programs in Montgomery County. The Agency was founded in the 1980’s to provide an effective and safe transportation solution for residents of Montgomery County, Maryland. This Agency is a public entity within the State of Maryland. The Montgomery Area MH Authority is responsible for the transportation of passengers and/or goods by means of roadways, highways, freeways, and public airports. They also provide for intermodal service, passenger and freight transportation within the State of Maryland.\n\n \n\nThe agency works with state and local law enforcement, as well as community safety organizations. The Montgomery County Transportation Commission also has oversight and control over the agency. The authority also serves as a liaison between the Department of Transportation (DOT), the state Office of the Governor, and local communities within the County. The agency is responsible for a variety of transportation related projects throughout the County. These projects include highway construction, bridges, intersections, airport service, and other road and transportation related projects. In addition to transportation-related projects, the agency also provides for a variety of safety-related projects that improve safety conditions for motorists on the roadways. The agency also provides for education and outreach programs for drivers.\n\n \n\nThe Montgomery Area MH Authority is a public corporation that is governed by a board of directors, which consists of five members. All directors must be residents of the Montgomery County or the District of Columbia, except for two members, who are representatives from the Maryland Office of the Governor, and representatives of the Department of Transportation. There are two executive officers of the agency, namely: Robert C. Calkins, who is the Executive Vice President; and Charles Calkins, who is the General Manager.

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