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1040 Longfield Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117

Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates is a private practice, full service facility offering comprehensive mental health care services for clients in and around the Montgomery, AL area. Located in the heart of beautiful Montgomery, Alabama, MD Anderson Regional Medical Center, MD Anderson is an award-winning and respected clinic with five main departments. Montgomery Psychiatrist is one of the clinics located within MD Anderson that has seen growth over the past several years and is now one of the busiest clinics in the entire hospital. Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates offer a variety of Mental Health services for clients and groups in the Montgomery, AL area, including: inpatient treatment for adults, adolescents, couples, and families; outpatient treatment for children, adolescents, couples, and families; inpatient treatment for pregnant women; out patient therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups; day/intensive, family and group therapy; residential treatment for people who cannot afford long term care; and psychiatric services for individuals with co-occurring mental disorders. A complete list of services is available upon request.

Montgomery psychiatrist, and their staff of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors are committed to providing a high quality mental health care experience to their patients. As a member of the Southern Association of Mental Health, the Montgomery Psychiatric Association is committed to making sure that all of their members receive adequate care and support. With this dedication to ensuring their patients receive quality care, Montgomery psychiatry & associates continues to be one of the best practices in mental health care and treatment. When you choose to use the services of this clinic, you are putting your well-being in their hands and that of your loved ones.

Montgomery psychiatrists offer a variety of treatment options including inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy, group counseling, group therapy, inpatient and outpatient medication management, as well as group and individual therapies. The staff at the clinic is committed to educating their patients about mental health disorders and how to treat and prevent them from developing into more serious problems. These individuals are also trained to provide individual and group counseling to individuals seeking mental health treatments. This type of compassionate and professional care is provided by experienced physicians, counselors, and therapists who are dedicated to helping their patients achieve optimum recovery.

1040 Longfield Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117 0 km
1040 Longfield Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117 0 km
“We are a community-based, comprehensive addiction treatment facility that serves the entir...
1040 Longfield Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117 0 km
MPA Legal is the forensic services unit of Montgomery Psychiatric Associates, or MPAA for short. ...
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