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If you are suffering from excessive armpit sweating, or your own self esteem is at risk due to your condition then you will want to take a look at the books from Mumford Amanda M MD. This author has spent her whole life dealing with this condition and has written a book for those who suffer from it to help them get through this difficult period.

In this book, Mums describes how to control excessive armpit sweating and even how to cure yourself permanently, if necessary. The author is an ex-army surgeon and has spent many years researching the causes of this condition, as she knows first hand what a horrible experience it can be. She will share some very helpful techniques that not only can help you deal with your sweating problem but also how to stop yourself sweating. It’s important to remember though that you cannot cure yourself, just manage it, so in order to do this, you will need to learn about some different ways of reducing sweating and eventually curing it all.

This book also describes a number of different treatments that the author believes can help you deal with this problem more effectively. For example, one treatment that she recommends is to start eating healthier foods, as certain foods can increase your stress levels, making you sweat more. Other methods include taking up yoga or meditation, as both have been known to help control this condition.

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