NE Arkansas Community MH Center DBA Mid South Health Systems - Blytheville AR 72315

209 South Lockard Blytheville AR 72315

The North Arkansas Community MH Center DBA Mid-South Health Systems in Blytheville Arkansas provides a wide variety of services to the people that live in the Blytheville area. If you have ever had problems with alcohol or substance abuse then you will need to visit the North Arkansas Community MH Center for an assessment before you can get treatment.

There are many substance abuse treatment programs in Blytheville Arkansas including The Center of Hope. This center is one of the most prominent residential treatment centers in Blytheville. The center offers detoxification services medication rehab services and inpatient rehab services. The center also has an outpatient drug detoxification treatment inpatient outpatient treatment inpatient and out patient residential treatment and residential treatment centers. Other substance abuse treatment programs in Blytheville include Blytheville Drug Treatment Center Blytheville Center for Addiction in Children and The Blytheville Treatment Center. These substance abuse treatment programs offer detoxification services medication rehab services outpatient treatments and residential treatment services. There are other substance abuse treatment programs in Blytheville including The Center for Addiction and Recovery The Center of Hope and The Healing Center.

Once you have undergone detoxification in one of the treatment facilities you will be able to receive treatment for your addiction or addictions at the Addiction Treatment Centers in Blytheville. You will need to attend a twelve week treatment program in order to complete detoxification in one of these centers. During detoxification you will receive treatment for alcohol and drug dependency along with counseling group therapy and community-based treatment programs.

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