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The Neuro Institute is a highly regarded and recognized institution of higher learning located in Mesa, Arizona. The Neuro Institute is a university-wide program that combines academic and research-based learning in a single unified academic environment. As a result, the Neuro Institute has become one of the most prestigious educational institutions in all of Arizona. In fact, it has been named one of the premier “Top Schools” for its graduate students by the National Society of Schools of Medicine. The Neuro Institute is also named as one of the “100 Best Schools for Science Education” in Arizona by the Arizona Schools Association.

The Neuro Institute is known for their outstanding teaching faculty and the quality of its courses. They have earned their spot as one of the top research universities throughout the United States. They are home to several prominent researchers in the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience, including neurophysiologist William Pelham, PhD; cognitive neurologist Daniel Wicker, PhD; and psychiatrist Dr. Steven Hyman, MD. Other notable professors at the Neuro Institute are neuropsychologist Lisa Glickman; developmental psychologist Michael Schatzberg; and neurobiologist David Grafton. The Neuro Institute offers a variety of bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral programs, which are geared towards individuals who are interested in the scientific fields of psychology and/or neuroscience.

The faculty of the Neuro Institute is comprised of some of the best minds in the field of psychology, neuroscience, and educational research. Their professors and research associates have earned a variety of awards and recognition for their efforts in the field of education. The instructors at the Neuro Institute are highly qualified and experienced. Students who attend the University of Phoenix or other accredited colleges within Arizona will enjoy the quality of education and research of the Neuro Institute.

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