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The Neuropsychology Associates in Tucson, Arizona is an accredited college offering a wide variety of online degrees. These online degrees are designed to offer students a variety of learning styles and skill levels. If you wish to get your degree from an accredited university then this is definitely the school for you. The website is easy to navigate and the programs are easy to understand. There are a lot of different courses that you can enroll in. The courses are designed around the coursework required in psychology graduate programs at the graduate level.

The courses include Introduction to Neuropsychology, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, General Psychology, Clinical Research Methods, Forensic Psychology, Counselor Education and Development and Social Work. The Clinical Psychology program is designed specifically for students who are already registered in a graduate degree program in psychology. This course takes two semesters to complete and has a prerequisite of either a minimum GPA or clinical experience. Students can choose which semesters they want to take and whether or not they want clinical experience. If students do decide to participate in clinical training, they will have access to a clinical mentor in the form of a licensed clinical psychologist who will be able to assist with the application process for their state licensing board. These mentors are in high demand and there is a waiting list of students interested in pursuing clinical training.

The Clinical Research Methods program is designed to help students develop an individualized clinical research plan for a particular client by teaching students the basic principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in clinical settings. Students can choose to complete this course on their own or opt for a clinical coursework assistance from one of the clinical therapists. This course will require a minimum GPA, a minimum of 150 hours of clinical practice and the completion of both a clinical research plan and clinical experience. Courses offered in this program include Clinical Research Methods, Cognitive Therapy Methods, Clinical Research Methodology, Research Methods in Clinical Practice, Research Methodology and Clinical Theory.

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