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New Beginnings Recovery provides a person with the opportunity to make the correct decision and get their lives on the path to recovery. People who enter the program leave with a renewed appreciation of themselves and the world they live in as well as those in it. With a renewed sense of self-confidence and a renewed hope for a better life patients are able to face their own weaknesses and gain a clearer insight into what led to the problems in their past. Through education and group therapy sessions patients are taught how to identify and resolve their mental health issues and develop a plan to change themselves and their circumstances.

A unique and effective form of drug and alcohol treatment New Beginning Recovery helps a person to regain control over their life. Patients learn to accept responsibility for their own actions and the decisions that lead to their own difficulties. This includes a new appreciation of themselves and a renewed belief in the possibilities for change in their life. Through group therapy people learn to accept help from friends and family members even when they don’t feel ready or able to ask for it. Through individual counseling a person learns the causes of their problems and why they are feeling so negative. The goal of New Beginnings is to empower the patient through education therapy and group support.

New Beginning Recovery is an outpatient center located in New York City. Patients are given individual attention and are evaluated by a licensed psychologist. They may be required to complete a minimum number of hours of treatment. Most treatment centers do not require continuing therapy after the initial visit which makes New Beginning Recovery’s program ideal for individuals who are struggling to overcome addictions but don’t have time to meet with a therapist. Those looking for a one-time intervention can attend weekly group sessions for up to eight weeks at which point they can make the final decision about their care. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction contact a treatment center near you today to begin the healing process.

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Started in 1986 by three recovering alcoholics, New Beginning Recovery Center of Opelousa, La. be...
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