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The New Hope Wellness Center in Glendale AZ offers substance abuse and addiction treatment to patients. “Addiction is an illness. It can be cured. There’s hope.” This statement was made by the founder of this substance abuse treatment center, Michael Fugees, in a video featured in the National Coalition of Drug Rehabilitation Programs’ website. He went on to state that the treatment offered by the center is “comparable to any other substance abuse treatment center”, though he also stressed that not all people who receive treatment at this center will be able to achieve success with the program. Furthermore, he stated, “There is hope”we fight every day for those fighting”.

The center offers a number of treatments and programs that are targeted toward alcoholics and those who suffer from other addictions. This includes medication assisted treatment (MAT), detoxification and psychotherapy. The center offers both residential and outpatient treatment, and accepts both young adults and children. Treatment programs offered include: Alcoholism Treatment, Drug Abuse and Dependence, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Family Support Program, Group Treatment, and Narcotics Anonymous. In addition, the center offers outpatient therapy for patients who are self-employed or who have a job that requires them to travel long distances for work. For people who suffer from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, treatment offered includes psychotherapy and psychodynamic therapy, in addition to individual psychotherapy and group therapy sessions.

The New Hope Wellness Center in Glendale AZ also offers residential drug rehabilitation and detoxification programs. These programs are designed to help alcoholics overcome their dependence on drugs. The residential treatment programs offer treatment for 12 days and include detoxification, medical screening and monitoring, and medical care. Residents of these programs undergo detoxification, medical screening, medical detoxification, counseling and ongoing medication support. Onsite services also include education and outreach to other agencies and resources. Residential and Outpatient treatment programs also include counseling sessions with psychologists and therapists, and help residents develop effective social and emotional skills.

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