New Life Manor - Phoenix AZ 85016

2345 E. Thomas Road Suite 310B Phoenix AZ 85016
(602) 840-6410(602) 840-6410

The New Life Manor is a historic real estate realty that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The main building is situated on a large lot with over five thousand square feet of space and is constructed in a Spanish Colonial style. The main entrance to the property is through a one hundred and thirty-five thousand square foot gazebo that have a grand view of the Maricopa Mountains. The main building has four stories and contains ten bedrooms, four baths, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool with full service deck.

Most of the properties in this neighborhood are newer and have modern features, such as a kitchenette and a large open living room. The New Life Manor has three restaurants and a clubhouse. The property has a playground for children and a pool area that are perfect for families. The New Life Manor has recently renovated their clubhouse and now offers a spa with an in house doctor on site.

Phoenix realtors can be contacted directly to find out more information about this home. They will be able to tell you more about the price range, what amenities are included and not included, and any other details they may have about the property. This is the perfect place for a family with kids to live in the Phoenix area. They have the home to match any lifestyle. If you love the outdoors, there is plenty of hiking trails to explore, and if you enjoy the night life, you can enjoy a party room with a stage right in the middle of the front lawn. New Life Manor in Phoenix AZ is a great investment for those wanting to live in a historic community, as well as those looking for a private or semi-private community.

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