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Understanding drug addiction requires a comprehensive approach, starting with an understanding of the nature of drug addiction. A drug addict’s addiction is often a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. This imbalance is often caused by abuse of one or more substances that can range from alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, caffeine and nicotine. There are two categories of drug addicts: chronic and acute.

The primary goal of drug addiction treatment is to assist a person suffering from a drug addiction learn new skills to control their over-consumption of drugs or alcohol and learn self-control. In general, treatment focuses first on the psychological (mindset, introvertizaton, interpersonal therapy) and social (social networks, family support) aspects of the recovery process. In addition, the patient is typically enrolled in alcohol or substance abuse rehabilitation programs. These programs will teach patients how to recognize signs of substance abuse and how to quit drugs, which will also enable them to avoid repeat substance abuse. The recovery from addiction usually requires a combination of these three factors. However, many treatment centers also offer counseling sessions geared toward helping the patient overcome anxiety and depression.

Treatment centers that focus on drug addiction usually employ a variety of different approaches to treating the patients. Some of the common treatment methods include individual and group therapy, inpatient care, group support, individualized maintenance programs, residential or outpatient treatment, family care, psychopharmacology, and psychodynamic treatment. The number of treatments may vary depending on the severity of the disorder and the patient’s ability to respond to treatment.

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