North Alabama Family Psychiatry & Counseling - Madison AL 35758

9238 Madison Blvd #750, Madison, AL 35758

North Alabama Family psychiatry & counseling (NAFFPC) is an outpatient psychiatric treatment center that serves the entire Madison area. The facility serves those who are not able to attend a local treatment facility for a variety of different mental disorders. NAFFPC treats individuals, families, schools, prisons, juvenile courts, and other groups. They provide both outpatient and inpatient treatment.

The staff at this facility works hard to help those suffering from mental illnesses feel that they are receiving the best possible treatment. They use holistic and natural healing techniques along with a variety of psychotherapeutic methods to help individuals and families overcome their mental illnesses. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are treated in the same holistic, natural and non-invasive ways that many traditional doctors treat the symptoms of these conditions. North Alabama Family Psychiatry & counseling strive to work closely with their patients to ensure that they receive the very best care and treatment possible. NAFFPC provides complete and integrated patient care.

Many people in our society suffer from mental illnesses and many times they do not know where to turn when their mental illness becomes so severe that it interferes with their daily life. Some people may be in constant fear of their mental illness and refuse to seek professional help. Others may just need some extra support, guidance, or guidance in order to make it through their mental illness. Either way, we all need to find some form of assistance when our mental illness gets out of control. NAFFPC provides excellent mental health care and treatment. The staff at this facility works together to develop an individualized care plan for their patients. Their goal is to help the clients recover and get on with their lives.

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