Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center - Hamilton AL 35570

1435 Military St N, Hamilton, AL 35570

The mission of Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center (NAMHHC) is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, and effective continuum of care to children and families; to support the development of their emotional health and wellbeing; and to ensure the highest degree of quality in the treatment of patients. The facility provides both inpatient and out patient care. The mental health center is also focused on providing a safe and secure environment to all of its patients.

The physical structure of the mental health center consists of two buildings, one located on the east side of Hamilton and the other on the west side of Hamilton. The center’s main building, which serves as the mental health unit, includes five units for adults and two for children. The outpatient intake area is located on the south side of the main building. Both adult and child care services are offered at the outpatient intake area. In addition to adult services, the mental health center provides child and family care services. The center has an on-site 24-hour emergency department with access to emergency transport.

The mental health center offers a variety of programs that are designed to help clients deal with the stressors that accompany an extended period of time in which they are experiencing severe mental illness. Programs include drug and alcohol abuse treatment, individual and group therapy, and crisis intervention. For adults, one of the major services offered is the Alcoholism Treatment Program. The Alcoholism Treatment Program addresses the needs of individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse or dependence. The program provides assistance with detoxification, treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, and other services related to alcoholism and drug dependence. One of the major benefits of the treatment program is that it is able to give long term counseling to those seeking long-term care and addiction services.

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